The agony continues

This is a work machine, it is not meant to be enjoyed.

iTunes. Open Network. Find folder. Select All. Click to play. Several minutes later iTunes opens. It has 3 copies of each track and decides to start with track 7. Given I have no fine control over the mouse it is impossible to change things. Close window.

Firefox. Download. Run. Disk Image icon created on the desktop. To unmount I have to drag it to trash. So I have to trash it but not trash it? I think I get that. Just.

Finder. I KNOW where stuff is on my machines. I am supremely tidy on a HD. If I were that tidy IRL some would call me a freak.

I really hate the dock.

Middle click. Would it really destroy the mouse aesthetics to put another button there? And no Cmd+click is just a cop out.

Widgets. Even on a PC I’ve never seen the point. Bloat?

And it’s all so slow. I don’t mean performance-must-get-3gig slow. I mean click …. yawn… open…….. I like clickopen. That fast. If I want to do it I wanttodoitnow.

That bar at the top. No matter what I open I need to quit it from there. Can’t mac coders get over a right-click menu phobia? That top bar is very irritating. If I want to quit I want to quit. Cmd-Q is my friend. I use it lots.

This is a work machine, it is not meant to be enjoyed.

Maybe if the mouse had been good and behaved as a mouse should then things would be better.
But it didn’t.

I really want to like it. Explore around a new OS, learn new stuff. But then if the mouse is screwed……..

There may be an improvement……. more news soon!

And the news is.. I reinstalled the OS. I have not installed the Mighty Mouse drivers. Now with the MM and a scaling of 14 it’s okay. With a real mouse (Logitech mx7) that 14 is way too fast. So – two mice. Same setting. One piece of hardware is crap. Guess which? So I still need a new mouse because MM is of no practical use whatsoever. (I own an iPod shuffle and a MM. Both made by apple, both crap.) So my frustrations are lowered.

And this is not a Win / Mac thing. If I’d got a new PS2 controller and a thumb switch didn’t work I’d be annoyed. If someone gave you a new car but the steering wheel was ever so slightly wrong you would be annoyed. Fact is that a piece of white hardware is useless and were it not for that I wouldn’t have had this anger at it.

4 thoughts on “The agony continues

  1. If it did all the things you want it to do it would be just like Windows in many ways. It is a different operating system, you have to get used to it. It will do things better and do things worse than the way Windows does, but you can’t expect it to be what you are used to expecting, since you are so used to using the Windows operating system, give it time.

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