Little steps…

Firefox, Camino, Pixen, Colloquy and Cyberduck installed. Networking set up.
Mouse is still annoying but bearably so.
Screenshots – cmd+ctrl+shift+3 ?
Couple of the screensavers are nice :)
Not sure yet what software might be trial – iWorks is there but I’d not use that anyway.
Now I just need to find interesting things to do with it all too.

One thought on “Little steps…

  1. iWork is a 30 day trial. All the iLife stuff (iMovie, iPhoto, etc) aren’t. If quicken is on there it isn’t. Office is.

    Screenshots: cmd+shift+3 does the whole screen. cmd+shift+4 lets you do a selection. hit space after the selection cursor comes up and it will automatically size to the window you have the cursor over.

    Saves it right out too. Don’t have to mess around with paint or anything.

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