Some details Mr Jobs.

Just fired up a mac mini.
It wanted my name, address, postcode and phone number. I’m sure Windows never did.
And it’s found some updates. 300mb of them.
And even at full speed the mouse isn’t quite quick enough.



The mouse acceleration and tracking speed under Mac OS X are sufficient to allow an experienced operator to traverse an arbitrarily large desktop without exceeding the bounds of an ordinary mousepad. Any difficulties experienced by users are likely due to a lack of familiarity working with the mouse or operating system in use.

Whoever wrote that – I assume he rides a bike because why would he need to go any faster? Idiot.

Update. Reboot.
Update. Wait. Wait. Shut down. Hold power button in. Wait. Wait. It starts.

That bouncing. Killed as quick as I could.

The mouse is still slow. Feels clunky. Maybe opening a terminal in the Applications folder didn’t work. Command line. For a mouse?

Still, it’s playing Starship Troopers well :)

Even Later:
defaults write -g 20.o is what I have. The speed across a clear uninterrupted screen is just about okay. But if goes over ANYTHING it slows to a crawl. Can this be speeded up? Should I chill the hell out and get used to a task-a-day ?

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  1. Okay – here is what is driving me nuts.
    I like fast scrolling. If I miss a click point then that’s just fine. I can cope. Right now in Mac Firefox I have a blog open. The little mouse button scrolls up/down okay. The mouse moves inside the viewport okay.

    But.. I move out of the viewport and the cursor slows. I move it toward the top left and it goes even slower. The mouse is stopping me working how I want. It is no longer an aid. Hell, I now know apple+W. I’ve gone for years without knowing many kb shortcuts and I’ll be damned if I’m starting now.
    I’ve installed Firefox. There’s a disc(?) icon on the desktop. I dragged it to the dock. It’s in both. When I click/drag it stutters. It’s slow.

    Do I really need another 512meg just to get this supremely basic functionality?

    I’m in an amazingly good mood too.

    Why does a Mac mini with a Mac mouse not let me judge how I should work? No yelling that I’m a Windows fanboy – look at the specific issue. Can I make that go away? Can I make it smooth everywhere? I’ve googled for well over an hour on this.

    I am so glad this is for work :)

  2. 512mb is fine for usual tasks. Just don’t have a shitload of apps open. I don’t get the mouse issue. I’m on a G4 ibook and have never had any issues with the mouse speed. Using an apple mouse or my current Logitech. I move the mouse about 3″ or so and am across the screen.

    You did mess with the tracking speed in System Preferences:Mouse and Keyboard, didn’t you? You should NEVER need to open up terminal to do anything for regular use. Only time you should have to do that is if you’re messing with something, and then you probably shouldn’t be.

    BTW: My tracking speed is 3 bars left of fastest…

  3. [quote]Update. Wait. Wait. Shut down. Hold power button in. Wait. Wait. It starts.

    Updates on windows take a long time too. Ever installed windows fresh? Jeebus.

    Apple changes the master copy for it’s computuers usually every x.x.x release, I believe. However you might have had to install 10.4.8.

    Point is, there’s a lot less updates. If I were to go buy a windows computer right now most likely It’d just have SP2 installed, and I’d have to install dozens… You had what, 5?

    Also, why’d you have to hold the power button in, unless you did that to make it restart faster? Which isn’t a good idea on any computer…

  4. This whole “Macs vs PCs” thing is crazy. Every year Apple release a new version of their operating system with all new must have features. As the Mac-heads buy this new $US100 “update” they gloat about how much better off than Windows users they are.

    Then they need to update to the latest version of iLife to get the best iMove/Garageband/iPhoto. Another $100.

    All computers need regular updates. All computers have an obsessive fanbase.

    It’s crazy. Computers exist to entertain, educate, engage and enrage. Stuff the platform. Just get on with it!

  5. Sure. Unlike windows, which hasn’t been updated in, what, 5 years? And this new release, stripped of everything that was actually gonna be good, and put all this DRM shit inside? Wonderful.

    Yes, I own a PC. For gaming. And you better believe I won’t be upgrading to vista.

  6. cameron – it said – for the firmware update – to do what I described. I’ve followed everything perfectly.

    My point is that inside this machine might live an OS that I actually will like, that I might buy lots of memory for – but the control it’s currently allowing me is crap – and because of that I view everything that way too.

    All I want is a fast mouse that does not slow down when it passes over anything. Maybe it’s on option somewhere…..

  7. It’s a Mac thing.

    Ever played a video game where the controller isn’t totally crap but you just don’t get that fine level of control? That’s what this is like.
    I have gone by the book – and it’s useless.

    Looks like I need a new mouse. You can guess it won’t be an apple one.

    Tried my Logitech mouse. Better, much better. Still does not offer me the fine and fast control I want but at least I can live with it.

    Mighty mouse. Garbage.

  8. I’ve never had or heard of this issue, Mark.

    I don’t like apple’s mice either. They just don’t fit my hand well. However, I understand what you want, as my trackpad acts like that first apple discussion. It’s actually nice if you get used to it, but my logitech bluetooth mouse doesn’t do the slow-fast tracking movement thing quite as much.

    Try calling apple. They’re very helpful, and you have 90 days of phone support, so use it.

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