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13:12 Mon 20 Nov 2006

Going to the dentist

Filed under: Health — 13:12 Mon 20 Nov 06

I have just had – this from someone who before previous trips felt like I’d drank a gallon of Red Bull and a stack of expressos.
There was no ‘dentist’ smell about the place
No fish tank or other “relaxation” stuff which is more an acknowledgement that it’s a stressful thing than anything else.
The dentist was cool – no ‘holier than thou’ attitude. The sort of guy you’d see in a pub with a pint of real ale.
The light above me did not have that peculiar shade of purple that is seen nowhere else in the world but a dentists chair
The tiny fast drill did not smell like it was burning
The grinding drill that wobbles your vertebrae was not used
The sucky thing that stops the bits of tooth and water going down your throat worked.
He didn’t use a metal band around the filling which before has been jammed into my gums and which hurt regardless of the anaesthetic.
He didn’t talk to me while he had his arms in my mouth.
He didn’t talk about my teeth in jargon to the girl passing whatever needed passing.
I didn’t need to swill with the foul pink water.
And he believed in the NHS.

Quality. Sheer quality.

I might even go back :)


  1. Dreaming again? :)

    Comment by Jo — 20:17 Mon 20 Nov 2006 @ 20:17 Mon 20 Nov 06

  2. Hello

    Comment by John S — 21:06 Fri 24 Nov 2006 @ 21:06 Fri 24 Nov 06

  3. Hello: I’m wondering why dentists are not telling their pacients about Lidocaine 3% for pain control. It must be the cost. For people who metabolize pain killers quickly, this stuff is amazing. It will last through the procedure. Cation: It may cause that dead lip feeling, so don’t bite yourself or try to eat until it wears off.

    Comment by John S — 21:12 Fri 24 Nov 2006 @ 21:12 Fri 24 Nov 06

  4. I love to hear what people like about their dentist. its awesome, I love my dentist, simply because he is an awesome person. As a dental student, I’d like to add a few things:

    your new dentist sounds like a cool guy…. There are quite a lot of regular folks like us in the dental thing, but sometimes you just don’t know whether the patient would feel better talking to the “Mr./Dr. Professional”, or the regular cool guy who happens to work in the field of teeth stuff. I’d probably just be the 2nd guy.

    The metal band – it is only used for a certain cavities – those that involve the side edge of the tooth. not all do. when filling those cavities, you really should be using the metal band. Some get away without it – but at my level, I’m just not sure I could do a quality filling without one.

    Burning smell – oops, this guy needs to move that drill around more! … or get a fresh burr (drill head) !

    Shaky ride drill – yea I always hated that thing too. Can you get aways without it?… for sure. At the same quality?…. i’m not sure, it really depends on how bad the decay is, I think.

    Talking to patients with their mouth full – Ya, I dunno why dentists insist on asking open ended questions when they have 20 things in your mouth. Being a patient, its kinda nice being talked TO at least, I wouldn’t mind just listening to something.

    My favorite joke: what do you call a doctor that didn’t make it into medical school? a dentist :)
    (not true, just about all dentists want to be dentists, and would hate to have the MD “life”)

    Comment by Brian — 05:37 Mon 9 Apr 2007 @ 05:37 Mon 9 Apr 07

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