Yet Another Domain

I used to have planetpodz but that’s gone by the wayside since the name change. I bought planet-mark but that just didn’t feel right. Because of the name change I also needed a name that I could use for invoices and suchlike – one that had an active domain. And I’d recently changed my IM addresses to the planetpodz type name. That’s a lot of changes. So some hunting around found a new domain that fits my name, it’s one that suits me, I’m happy with and that was also available for AIM and MSN. So that was that. Bought it. I’ve dropped all IM’s but gtalk where I am still the same person and I have no buddies on the other two (yet). Yahoo I can’t remember when I last used, ICQ was just garbage and the main source of my IM spam. In some way I wish domains weren’t so damn cheap – maybe I’d stop playing then. And the new name? If you need to you’ll figure it out.

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