Securing delivery

Sums have been done and I just placed my preorder for a Wii. £380 with the games and additional controller though it’s a wait for Samus…. still, it’ll keep the girls amused (there really isn’t a launch game that interests me so much but Nintendo hardware never drops in price, their software hardly ever so there’s no early-adopter penalty with them. I suppose you could see it as a consistent penalty but I’d disagree).

Current gaming:
PSP – Ridge Racer 2 / Lumines 2
PS2 – SSX on Tour
Xbox – (was) Links 2004 / PGR2 (will be) Tiger Woods
I’ve not played the others much recently….

And today I went in 6 places to buy the fantastic Men in Black – nowhere had it. Why? It’s not as old and infinitely better that the Dirty Dancing dvd I bought that J wanted. Bah.

2 thoughts on “Securing delivery

  1. i want a wii for one reason and one reason only, Zelda. I’ve been in love with the zelda games since i first played it on NES. The best zelda game has to be Ocarina of time from n64. Of course there are bound to be other games on wii that i would want to get, but zelda would be my main reason for purchasing the system (when i get money.) now i just have to decide what will come first, a new pc (or maybe a mac) or a wii. decisions decisions.

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