Not so ill.

I think – only think – I know what’s got me so ill. It’s either sodium or caffeine. If you take Lithium you cannot screw around with your salt intake and looking back at what I’ve eaten for a few days I think I dropped off what I would normally eat in the way of foods and foods I would put salt on. And then caffeine – that too dropped off but after the salt. So I think the salt drop started me feeling ill, so I drank less caffeine (and withdrawal from that is horrible) because I felt crap so I went from bad to worse. So since lunchtime when I put 2 and 2 together I’ve put lots (relatively) of salt in me and I’m quenching the first thirst with caffeine. Now if this works I’ll feel great. If not … I’ll be bouncing and ill together with a really fast pulse. Time will tell.

And I need a site designed.

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