T2 – Director’s Cut

I got the Terminator boxset ages ago and with me now having films on as I work I thought I’d take them for a ride.
Two nights ago it was the original. Great film – better than I remembered. It’s dated by Linda Hamilton’s hair but otherwise it’s a great film.
Last night it was Judgement Day – the director’s cut. Hmm.. I really liked the cinema release, and I normally like the DC versions (Leon was improved hugely I felt, Aliens really rounded the story out too) but T2? No. There’s a dream sequence, a part where the cyberdyne guy smashes some work and a weird bit where they look inside Arnie’s head. Not sure much extra this added to the film but it certainly wasn’t worth it. The film felt looser. I thought that the studio’s cut films because of the audiences attention span, or maybe now because they know a DC later will shift more DVD’s but in this case whoever made those cuts did just the right thing. James Cameron made a great T2 cinema release but it would only have been a really good film with the added scenes.
Tonight, Rise of the Machines. For the sake of completion. It’s just not that hot.

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