On me head

1 new (Mario inspired) favicon and 98 new header images. I needed some colours but only a few…

I bought a domain a few weeks ago. It’s not for me but for someone else. I said to grab the name now – so I bought it. It’s a .co.uk and I bought it from Namecheap where all my others are. D’s domain is a .co.uk too. Yet today I get a letter from Nominet confirming my ownership of the former. I even have a PIN to login and change details. So why didn’t I get one for the other? And it’s only paper – it matters not does it?

FeedDemon.The new beta. Very nice – paging in the news pane. It’s that good I’ve closed the summary pane.

I’m running Xampp. I also have subversion. What interesting things can I do with them? Anything? (Apart from not downloading WP stable because I always have svn?).

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