Why I love RR

Ridge Racer. Fantastic videogame. One of the best ever – you know just what you are going to get.
I love it because the sensation of speed is excellent, the commentator is great, the soundtrack is (almost always) perfect, the other cars are beatable but you need complete concentration.

But it’s the racing itself – the dream of doing a perfect lap – where the bends that do not need a slide are taken perfectly in-through-out, where the braking is spot-on, the off/on with the accelerator is timed to perfection with the turn of the wheel, no fishtailing, dropping out of the slide pointing perfectly, using the nitros where it benefits the most, making each lap faster than the last and getting the line right all the way round.

And winning? All the above and coming first. That’s winning.

3 thoughts on “Why I love RR

  1. GT was good. I had 1, 2, 3 and A-spec. But then it became boring simply because it was real. The only fun to be had was taking the F1 around Seattle or the Pikes Peak around almost any circuit (except Seattle!). The realism wore me down.

    RR? Arcade perfection :)
    (Why when I’m playing do I do a 360 each lap and still win? Because I can :) )

  2. “Ridge Racer is way too ‘arcadey’ for my tastes. You should give Gran Tourismo 4 a spin for a lesson in realism.”

    And that’s precisely the reason why I like RR. I enjoy the actual racing rather than the hardcore car modifications; GT makes me feel like I’m a mechanic rather than a driver. It’s great powersliding round a corner and when you win a race, you feel more of a thrill as it was down to your driving skill rather than your modding skills. Give me arcadey any day…

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