Back in my day ..TV for kids

Children’s BBC is being revamped. It won’t be as good as when I were a kid….

Mary, Mungo and Midge
Camberwick Green
Hammy Hamster’s adventures on the riverbank
Bill and Ben
The Magic Roundabout
Andy Pandy
Pogle’s Wood
The Herbs
Hector’s House
……..and they are the ones I remembered as I started writing this. Classic I tell you. Classics!

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3 thoughts on “Back in my day ..TV for kids

  1. Priceless…
    But what about the Clangers?
    Thomas the Tank Engine?
    Captain Pugwash? (how could that one be a children’s program?? for that matter how could the Magic Roundabout?)
    And wasn’t the Hammy Hamster one called “Tales Along the Riverbank”?

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