Chip, PIN and not my card

Post at the BBC about cash machine fraud and the new ‘Chip and PIN’ is mentioned. I love it. It means I can use my wife’s card – even though it has MRS written on it. It means I can use her credit card because I have the number and they don’t check the card – even when it was unsigned. It means I can stand in ASDA and when one card is rejected produce a card from the same bank and try again. It means I can stand in ASDA with 2 PIN’s on the back of my hand so I don’t get the wrong one for the wrong card. All it’s done is made cashiers not have to read it and check it – anyone remember the cheque cards days? Whatever. Financial security. Works for me.

(and yes it’s all with her permission. The credit card does not have Mrs on it – so it’s effectively mine – with her full permission. She can’t walk into let around shops but she still wants things. There is no fraud or deception in this house.)

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