New furniture

Was delivered this afternoon. As a consequence of this all my books have been relegated to a pile in the bedroom (and they’ll live on a set of shelves that are in D’s room when she sorts her room out and makes space for the bookcase that was downstairs). The loss of the books is mitigated by the 5 consoles that are now plugged in and ready to go with a flick of switch. In order of goodness: PS2, GC, N64, Megadrive, xbox. I’m going to have to make an effort to play them more. Speaking of which, while doing the shopping yesterday I saw Ridge Racer 2. I owned it moments later. I shall put some time aside for that this weekend.


These purchases from the wonderful are superb as always. On the left are polished charcoal tunnels and on the right Tiger Eye plugs. Both are 22mm in diameter. Ordered from the US on a Sunday, arrived with me on the Thursday. That’s better than some UK sellers.

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