Tim advocates censorship

But Sir Tim Berners-Lee told BBC News he feared that, if the way the internet is used is left to develop unchecked, “bad things” could happen.

So if it ‘develops checked’ then that’s censorship isn’t it?

“Certain undemocratic things could emerge and misinformation will start spreading over the web.”

Really? Never… 10 Downing Street and the The White House are two perfect examples of that already.

Those two statements make his view crystal clear – the Internet must be censored. I can’t see how else to read it. ISP’s already censor it by restricting much of usenet (alt.binaries.* to name one hierarchy). Tim says we must not have misinformation and the US will make sure of that because they control ICANN. How positively reassuring.

2 thoughts on “Tim advocates censorship

  1. Liz Strauss of Successful Bloggers has been doing an excellent job of keeping her affiliates in the know about net neutrality developments on the US political front. While reading any statements she posts about the net made by power mad American politicians and their control freak flunkies, everywhere they say “internet” I have been replacing that word with either “government” or “Bush administration”. It immediately clarifies the true state of affairs. [snarl]

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