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I’m going to take my name back. My real name is being increasingly used – at FreshlyPressed all the admin emails use Mark, I’m using it offline more and I also use that as 1 identity when posting to usenet and some forums. So I have 2 online identities (real ones anyway) and one needs to take precedence. The reason for not using Mark is complex and goes back some way. I don’t have the same reaction that I used to have – now I dislike my name as much as many people dislike theirs (‘Marks’ are what kids get or skids leave. I’d much rather have been called … something else. Strange how the name I want depends what mood I am in. Having said that I can confidently say that I have never ever wanted to be called Keanu. Ever.).

So I’m thinking I’ll change my email addresses (not spam related, this name thing has been brewing longer) and where possible, logins. Today though I saw mark.wordpress.com looking rather empty. People sometimes ask for empty blogs there to be given to them but my response always has been – and always will be – to leave a comment and see if that is picked up by the owner. So that’s just what I did. And Mark got back to me saying Yes, no problem – how cool is that? So he’s tidied things up and the blog is now mine :)

Using it? I’ll use it. I will probably start using Mark instead of Mark over at wordpress.com too. I know that makes two Marks (Mark Jaquith being the other of course) but that’s just the way things will have to be….. Mark – TGFKAP :)

And many thanks again to Mark at 2 Irish Geeks and a TV for the blog!

9 thoughts on “aka Podz

  1. There’s a fundamental difference.
    Apart from officialdom, everyone called me Mark. My family, friends, people in the village etc. It was a name I had before the net arrived for me and had had for years. I didn’t get a ‘handle’, I brought with me a name I was already using.

    That’s a very important difference.

  2. I have three names that I’m known by. I make no secret of any of them these days, including my ‘real name’, but it is odd that I feel the least comfortable with that one.

    Zenith is the name I’ve been known by for 6 of my online years now. I’ve grown into it, and it’s become an important part of me. For me it’s about my history and I suppose a sense of sentiment rather than maintaining an anonymous veil (at least it is now, it wasn’t to begin with).

    Anyway, I’ll have to start calling you Mark. It’s funny, but when people begin to use their given names instead of a nickname, I subconsciously resist that change (even in cases like yours, where I’ve known his/her given name for a long time anyway). I’ve no idea why really, it just never feels the same. :) But I’ll make the effort if that’s what you’ve chosen to do. ;)

  3. leave a comment and see if that is picked up by the owner. So that’s just what I did. And Mark got back to me saying Yes, no problem – how cool is that?

    I can’t believe I didn’t think to just ask him for it. ::Sigh:: S’ok. I go by “markjaquith” on IRC, Jabber, AIM Trac, WP.org, and WP.com … it’d be silly for there to be a lone “Mark” exception. Hopefully that’ll also eliminate some confusion on the forums and mailing lists.

    Is it weird that I feel sad that “Mark” is being discontinued? This is definitely going to take some getting used to. I’ve known that your name was “Mark” for a while, but it was always just a bit of trivia… nothing I’d ever thought would be put to use.

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