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This feed is copyrighted by me. If you see this anywhere else but in your feedreader then please don’t bother to contact me because I have no means to prosecute even if that were an easy route to take – which it is not. If you are reading this on a splog somewhere then my writing “copyrighted by me” hardly had the desired effect did it? It just took up space in this feed – just like it did yesterday, and the day before, with each and every post..

The fact is that decent people will not steal your words and the not decent will – and the internet offers precious little in the way of padlocks and chains so is that line (or several) really worth the place it is?

Maybe you have a warning on each and every post that someone could land on from Google that states the same thing? Probably not. Why not? Shouldn’t the claim of copyright be easily visible and not be tucked away on some page elsewhere? So why can’t that apply to your feed?

All the copyright notices, activation loops and legal muscle don’t stop software being pirated so why should a line of text protect your feed when you have absolutely no resources to enforce a violation?

Ad-blocking in feeds? I’d rather have the above nuked. Far more irritating.

7 thoughts on “This feed is protected by copyright

  1. “…so is that line (or several) really worth the place it is?”

    Yes, people who read stolen posts on splogs report it. However, the above notice is way to big. I think a single sentence or two is fine. You can even style it with the small tag which most feed readers interpret correctly.

    “… you have absolutely no resources to enforce a violation?”

    Oh there are plenty of resources — cut off adsense, remove them from search engine index’s, complain to ISP (if in a nice country), name and shame them, entrap them with antileech, use your imagination. But is important to keep up the good fight.

  2. It’s a plugin…. but I think it’s my fault.

    Maxpower – I do think it is important to keep up the fight and I also think it’s important that content is not stolen. But the people who do this – such as bitacle – coudn’t give a flying one and have their whole operation setup to scam because they know they are scamming. So for those the fight is not about an individual but mass theft. In such cases their theft is premeditated – and notices matter not.
    When it’s an individual .. does the note matter then? It’s still theft and they still know it.

    I don’t want to sound defeatist but it just seems with so very many feeds I’m reading these days that effectively they are telling me that the coffee is hot.

    Maybe that’s where we have got to though.

  3. I’m on two minds with regards to this issue; I agree with you in that such additions are, at best, adding noise to the content and at worst, unnecessary and futile annoyances.

    However, it can be more annoying for the blogger to find their content being used for a splog or a reader being deceived by such without any notice to the contrary.

    I’d suggest using a less obtrusive line if you were to go down this route. A simple “This content was posted at blah dot com under copyright” would do the same job with less pain.

  4. While there is a lot of publicity surrounding bitacle, I believe the majority of content theft is done by small time operators. In reality, the notice itself is only as good as the actions you have to back up your claim.

    Most thieves steal for profit. Remove the source of profit (Adsense etc), remove the problem. Sure, its whack-a-mole. But there is no Internet police to help. We good guys have to team up on the bad guys.

    I’m not sure what you mean by the coffee remark — is it people are saying the obvious? While true, many people think protecting their rights starts and stops with the notice. That is really what is wrong. Satisfaction comes from stopping the bad guys, not ignoring the problem.

    Phu: I agree in the keep it simple option. My feed notice is small, contains a link to my contact form for easy reporting, and is below a HR tag. I think its very unobtrusive and ‘below the fold’ so to speak.

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