Five Live Idiocy

“They should ban fireworks because it affects my cat” says one caller.
Get a bloody grip! How pathetic a reason is that – and how pathetic a person for even considering saying that let alone ringing national radio. Idiot.

4 thoughts on “Five Live Idiocy

  1. hehe I think fireworks should be banned from sale to the general public too, but not for that reason. Though I do know what it’s like to have an animal who is severely effected by fireworks. The thing is, it isn’t just one night, it goes on for weeks.

    But my primary reason for banning them is more that too many complete morons get hold of them every year and seem to think it’s ok to terrorise people with them…

  2. I don’t think it should be limited to “organised displays only” because I’m fed up of moron MP’s telling me what I can’t do all the bloody time.
    The latest one at work is the complete banning of YouTube, on order of the welsh assembly. What a load of crap. If I wanted to ban youtube internally for certain people, I would (and already had).

    Anyway, back on subject, I quite enjoyed mini fireworks displays when I was young, back when they’d let you buy catherine wheels. I’ve not seen those for a while. There’s no need to start selling them in August though. That’s taking the piss.

    What they probably should get rid of is the ever-pointless “Air Bomb” bangers, which kids really like to throw about for months before and after Guy Fawkes night. Including one which landed near my dog, who went bananas every october/november following the incident.

    Must admit, I’ve not heard a pop of a firework yet. Anybody remember the “indoor” fireworks you could get years ago? Mainly producing snake-like trains of charcoal. Slightly amused me as an 11 year old…

  3. Firework night on the 5th, 8 days later P is 13.
    We always buy fireworks and like other years I haven’t got any you can buy from the average shop. It’s a huge box of “Keep at least 100ft away” fireworks. They were sold to someone who knew someone who had a mate….. so banning sale to the public doesn’t work. Wouldn’t work.

    I agree about morons but we let them drink, drive, breed….. make stupid statements on national radio :)

    (And we “tested” a few rockets the other night. I felt really guilty setting the first one off – a feeling which had not lessened by the time the 4th rocket went zomming upwards)

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