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I bought An American Werewolf in London earlier. 21st Special 2 disc edition. I actually bought it because it was £5, as I saw it I immediately began to hum ‘Bad moon rising’ and because Jenny Agutter is… well.. in it. The DVD is next to me now because I’ll play it on here later as I do some other work. Last night I watched Lord of War again. Damn good film. Very very good film. Some sexual suggestion in it, a fair amount of violence both shown and implied. It’s a bloody film in parts. And yet it’s only a 15 cert. AAWiL has less sex, less violence, a damn sight more humour, Rik Mayall and it’s an 18 cert. Oh how times have changed….

9 thoughts on “AAWiL – 18

  1. Hate NC too! A lot of his films are quite good but he spoils them with hammed-up overacting! He has actually put me off going to see some of his films

    “I can’t think of a bad film of his…”

    City of Angels was pure shite and Captain Correlli’s Mandolin (sp?) didn’t look too hot either. I didn’t actually watch CCM but only managed half of CoA. Oh and Face-Off was crap too.

    Now The Rock and ConAir were two that I did enjoy. His style suited those parts though

  2. CoA – not seen. The word ‘angel’ implies no gratutious sex or violence. So the film will hold little of interest :)
    CCM – a film about a stringed instrument? I think not :)
    Face-Off? Coooool. Liked it.

    Wicker Man – bag of spanners. Hated the film.

  3. AAWiL … I’m impressed. My wife thought I’d lost my mind when I brought a copy of this home.

    Grant you it’s a B movie, but there is something that so engaging about the movie that you can’t help watching it again and again.

    I only saw Jenny Agutter in one other movie in 20 years. Did she ever do anything again?

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