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I bit the bullet and installed Gallery again, imported all the images from Zenphoto(s) and nuked all other photo dirs. I really like Zenphoto because it’s light and there is nothing there I’m not using. But having just one cache directory for all the albums wasn’t working – I had a problem with something a while ago and going into that directory caused problems due to the number of files. Less files and more zp installs? Possibly…. but Gallery is now where all my online photos. The hiding of albums seems useful and I’ve yet to get link in there that leads out of there – later maybe.

And ages ago I pondered how to organise my images. I just bought ACDSee 9 after checking out trial code. And now I being careful in trying to create as many if not all of the categories I’ll need to classify the images I know I have. It’s pointless charging through adding willy-nilly because it’ll be just as much a mess as it is now, if not worse. So that’s not the quickest of tasks – especially as I’m looking through pictures while pondering and they take me off on other tangents too.

Good things are pictures.

One thought on “Sorting Images

  1. My photo organisation is simple – dump a day’s shooting into a folder and name it “yyyy-mm-dd – a long winded description”. That has worked fairly well for the past few years but since the start of the year I’ve used a 00-work folder to store finished/processed images ready for display.
    About 3 weeks ago I added a new folder – 00-wip where I copy files I want to work on but don’t have time to. That is really useful because I don’t have to find decent photos to process. I just look in that folder. I’ve got 21 images ready to upload now, 3 weeks worth, never had as many ready, ever! :) I feel a blog post in the offing about this.

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