F1 might be watchable now

The conspiracy theorists are likely to have their say as Schumacher crucially suffered a puncture to the left-rear tyre on his Ferrari after being clipped by the front wing of Giancarlo Fisichella’s Renault.

Ferrari technical director Ross Brawn pointed an accusing finger at the Italian as he said: “I think he clipped Michael’s tyre as he went past him and screwed our race. (Planet F1)

Conspiracy? Hell no. Justice in some other form? Hell yes. I can’t be alone in thinking that F1 just got better. I’m partly surprised the stewards didn’t Black Flag every other car. It’s a polarity thing with that guy – and I’m definitely not at his party. Still, next season should be better… once DC gets that “This year the title is mine” nonsense out of the way. Again.

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