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Is Winamp still ‘it’?
I was checking and updating programs and it struck me that all I have used for music is Winamp for ages. I try different browsers, different editors, different graphics stuff, readers – many programs but the one solid thing in there is Winamp. That is no criticism at all – it does what it does and very well but is there anything different out there?
I just d/’d the player-thing that seems to do little except say “This feature is only for Subscribers” and display similar artists. Which I can find at anyway and I much much prefer the funkiness of liveplasma so I can’t see the player-thing lasting much longer today – there’s no real point to it is there? I have tried the radio and spent so long hitting ‘next’ (or whatever it was) it became redundant). Pandora ….. no… even when it can be ripped.
So – is Winamp still the mutt’s nuts?

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  1. IT IS “IT”, no Doubt! I still use Winamp and never ever will I quit it unless something new and GOOD would come out. What I like about winamp is the library. It does a very very good job on searching my 80GB music library. Very customizable and it works. I wish WMP11 or iTunes do the same. Problem is, I can’t use it on my iPod, iTunes is the only good player for iPod for me just because it organized podcasts properly. WMP11 and previous version is very slow, I don’t import my mp3s on it. iTunes sucks when it comes to huge library. I don’t know why people love iTunes but on my experience, with windows (don’t know about Mac os X), it is buggy and slows down my PC. I wish winamp would develop more to be iPod friendly.

  2. I’m still using Winamp, because of its has nice ability to handle iPods (using the ml_ipod plugin not through the natural interface), and it means I don’t need iTunes. I would like it if it’s podcast support was a bit better though.
    I tried Songbird too last week, it’s good, but it’s not there yet, give it a bit more development.

  3. Oh and the player now handles the submitting of tunes, so if you do use (but I don’t think you do from what you’ve said) then you need it sat there. I thought it would annoy me at first but I find it quite useful for tagging stuff I already own and play without haveing to go through other peoples horrendous radio selections.

  4. No, the little player isn’t winamp – you can choose to use winamp as the player if you want to, but it’s not compulsory. I don’t have winamp installed. :) Admittedly a lot of the advanced functions on Mediamonkey are only available in the paid version, but if you use it a lot like I do, it’s well worth it.

    On Linux – nothing beats Amarok for me, I love that player. :)

  5. Winamp is the pinnacle media player, because of it’s adaptiveness and it’s ability to adapt and mold to do whatever. It can play anything and do anything (with the right plugin). I use iOzone to do analogue simulation and audio enhancement, and ml_pod to make my iPod work like a beast. It’s great!

  6. I’ve used plenty of players, and the only players I like are (in order of how good they are):

    1) Foobar2000 (looks bleak at first, but very customizable, and lightweight…with columns ui plugin looks great)
    2) Windows Media Player 11 (looks hot, realiable, easy to use)
    3) Songbird (Itunes alternative, open source, many plugins, has an interface to the web of music)
    4) Itunes (lots of people use it

  7. Foobar2000 is better than anything and everything. If you want a pretty program go get Photoshop. Foobar2000 is made for music and thats what I use it for. XMMS is the linux equivilent of Winamp. I used Winamp until I had a shitload of music and it constantly crashed. It would be better if it could handle more than one playlist, but it can’t.

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