Uniforms when it suits

Female students at Leicester’s new Islamic secondary school who are not Muslims will have to wear head scarves as part of their uniform.
Madani High School, which will open in September to replace Leicester Islamic Academy, will tell girls to cover their heads regardless of their religion.

That’s fair?

Zainab Elgaziari, the academy’s assistant principal, said: “Like any school, we will have a uniform and, in our case, that will include a head scarf.

“When you go to any school, you know what the school uniform will be and the choice is there.

“I can’t see why if a student wears a head scarf it should be an issue. It’s the same as a shirt or tie – it’s just part of our uniform.

Okay – so if EVERY other school in Leicestershire said “Skirts, blouses, no trousers and no headwear that would be okay? After all, it’s part of the uniform than every other faith would say that is was okay? Bollocks – they’d be protesting and yelling about intolerance.

Hussein Suleman, the city council’s education spokesman, said he did not think non-Muslim parents would be put off sending their children to the school, adding he hoped “discretion” would be used if there was disagreement.

I wait to see the discretion that is applied the other way because an action like this will provoke an opposite reaction – of that you can be sure.

Suleman Nagdi, of the Federation of Muslim Organisations, said: “All Islamic schools have certain criteria for school uniform.

“I can’t see anything different about the criteria they are setting in this instance.”

Allow me….

“All Anglo-saxon schools certain criteria for school uniform. I can’t see anything different about the criteria they are setting in this instance”

“All non-religious schools certain criteria for school uniform. I can’t see anything different about the criteria they are setting in this instance”

Those second two would not be allowed, so why the first?

The voluntary-aided state school, which is being built in Evington Valley Road and is supported by Leicester City Council, must accept 10 per cent of its 600 pupils from a non-Muslim background.

This sounds like they know that HAVE to but they’ll use their status to force others to obey – and if those 10% do not turn up – well, who cares because they aren’t wanted anyway.

I honestly believe that some people just do not want to integrate and that they actively decide to provoke by using actions like these.


7 thoughts on “Uniforms when it suits

  1. Well, This is a very touchy subject, but I think it should be up to the parents, why did they put them in THAT school if they where not of the “particular” religion, if my son is and Atheist im not going to put him in a religious school, ect…

    I would just put on the headband for respect of where you are, because if you are in a region where people are Muslims, you should show respect

  2. It’s not a touchy subject – it’s a very simple one.

    They in that school have made a rule. They expect that rule to be followed and I have no doubt they will enforce it.
    However, other schools also have rules and yet other faiths challenge those rules saying they are discriminatory.
    So in their school you MUST integrate but in others school they do not have to.

    There is a double standard here. That’s what I’m going at. I have nothing against any faith but when they have double standards or exhibit hypocrisy then sure I’ll have a go – stick around.. I dislike the pope too.

    As it says at the bottom of my post – integration is not a goal for whoever set these rules. I believe that confrontation was their goal.

  3. Has everyone noticed that in the UK that its now finally becoming ok to criticize Islam in the same way as every other religion.

    It has reached a point where enough is enough and its about time if you ask me. The crazy idea that Religion comes before your country will be the next thing on the hit list.

  4. “If you are in a region where people are Muslims, you should show respect”… I agree, if we are talking about the Middle East. But these people are creating a parallel society, and their kids have absolutely no choice. The mandatory scarf can only be seen as a way to ensure there will be no “pollution” from non-muslim kids in school.

  5. I think that the girls should wear something respectable since is a muslims school and they should aleast wear black jubas and black scarfs because the uniform they were now which is grey jubbah and cream scarf is ridicilous they look like elephant. i agree with all these terms but please aleast suitable colours…Jazakallah

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