They want to be my friend

One of the most obvious effects of having our name in some London Gazette and being declared officially potless was that our mailbox got dusty. No-one sent us letters. We got the basic utility bills and that was it. No offers, no bank statements, no leaflets – we got sod all. As it happened, that suited me just fine. I didn’t care. It was nice not getting mail. Then in April the mantle was lifted and the mail started. Almost the next day we had offers. This was despite our circumstances not altering by even a penny. When we were both working in the past I suppose this was an event that just passed us by – the lifting of the trash from the doormat to the bin will have been such a regular and monotonous task it will not have registered. But then being thrown to the side of the street where the sharks don’t swim makes it all the more obvious when we got back. Slowly but surely the amount of “Guaranteed Credit!” “Pre-approved Loan!!” “Need a new car?” junk that flows in has increased. They know you know…..

And then of course in September I became self-employed. Well….. the taxman has discovered I exist. He told his mates at National Insurance, they tipped off the Pension people and someone somewhere told the sharks.
It’s like the sharks know I have no debt. I owe no-one anything. Not a penny. But they want me to owe them. They want me to be their bestest friend and they’ll pay for the priviledge or so it would seem. Every day I get offers. And every day – just like I did years ago – I toss it all. Maybe they think I want to do it all again? Maybe they think I didn’t learn? Maybe they think I found the whole process such a laugh I want to experience it anew? I actually don’t give a damn what they think and I couldn’t care how much garbage they throw at me – maybe they’d stop if I did get some debt. And that’s the stupid thing.
I can’t get credit until I get debt and I can’t get debt until I get credit. Or pretty close anyway. So if I did, I can’t. So I’ll have to play a game – maybe even lie. But then do they care? Does anyone care? But do I want debt or will I get into debt? Not a chance. No cash? No buy. It has been that simple and it’s staying that simple – floods of junk won’t stop that.

(though if anyone is up for robbing the Natwest, I’m in. Those liars deserve it :) )

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  1. And would you believe I just started work and the very same has happened to me. Also the bank the denied me a bank account for 7 years has fell over backwards and gave me a proper full bank account and proper debit card when I presented my pay cheque. Oh and would I like a credit card! my answer was a firm no. After ten years I have status once again.

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