I had a lot of files on here which were created by programs on the server. All of them were just me playing and seeing what things did but when I came to delete them they’d not go away. The server owned them and the server was not about to let go. Previously I’d renamed them, dragged them into one folder, learned to just ignore them and eventually sent in a ticket to have the things nuked. I just tidied things up and found I’d even more of these directories. And then I remembered the Cleanup script from the Gallery project. That’s a lie. I didn’t remember it – it was sitting in the ftp window staring at me. I’d just used it to remove /g2data which it did. So I then ran it on all the other annoying directories – bingo :) Success! I now have tidy directories. Good stuff is that script.

This script has also been approved by shep :)

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