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21:58 Sun 8 Oct 2006


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I’m sure I wrote about 10 days ago that we’d had a guy round for an aerial quote. He wanted £366 for a new aerial, amp/booster, cables and a good pic on up to 6 tv’s. Not that we will use 6 but plans are made. That price J thought was a bit high. So we get another quote. £180. This will get us a clip-on digital aerial, new holes in the front and back of the house, lots of co-ax and a ‘booster’ that looked like some cheap plastic. The first guy was on his own, seemed confident, left a written quote, was a company guy. This latest quote was from a pair of guys who did a “D’ya think they’ll need….” “Yeah, at the least they will” routine, left nothing in writing, appeared to want money more than the job – they waited just that fraction too long when I said I’ll think about it. The first guy said “Here’s the quote”, described it and then left. These two hung around as if waiting for me to say “Okay guys” and I just know they’d have done it in an hour or less (“We guarantee it mate, we’ll even tune all the TV’s in”). Half the price is nice but they need to look and act the part too. I’m ringing the local TV shop tomorrow – get a personal rec.

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