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They said on Saturday they would email me an address to get things sorted. They did not. I gave them until 1pm then I rang.
I was asked to send an email + a screenshot of the invoice to an email address.
That address bounced.
I then uploaded the image to my zen space and gave him the address
He came back and said that it was okay, and that they would send a replacement.
He told me the address for the RMA
I completed the whole thing only to find an address in Holland. I was to remove my card and send it to Holland. Then – after 2 working days but not including Sundays/ Bank Holidays (which countries?) they would send a replacement.
I told him that I wanted Linksys to send me a card. That my work was on the net and I could not afford to be offline for as long as Linksys could be bothered. I asked him directly if Linksys would send me a replacement card first. He said they had none in stock – to which I said you want me to send a card away for a replacement and you haven’t even got any? That’s some customer service eh?
I pointed out that if a Playstation goes wrong, or if an Xbox goes wrong those companies will do a swap on the doorstep. That is for relatively expensive bits of kit yet Linksys will not send me a card that costs them less than £10.
He said No, they would not.
If I wanted a new card I must give them my old one.
Now just where is the common sense in that? Linksys just went from being okay to being not okay big style. Is it really so bad to send me a card? Why are you so inflexible and penny-pinching? Why can you not just say “Sorry about the bad card, we’ll get one sent to you with a label so you can send the old one back”. What’s so difficult about that? That would have got a post here praising you. Maybe you are scared that I’d sell it on ebay? And what if I did – does the company rely on selling sub-£10 cards to hold up it’s business?
Here’s some more logic – the card cost less than a tenner yet because my calls to you did not get the desired “Sorry about the card..” response I tied up your support for way more than that in staff costs and in the time other customers were forced to wait.
Linksys – you lost every way you look at it.
See sense.
Set a ceiling and below that just send the replacements out. In the long term that just has to be better for you in every way.

Case No. 060928-000780

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  1. I’ve never had a problem RMAing stuff to linksys, did it twice, both were wonderful. I didn’t wanna wait for it to be proccessed, nor pay for the ship or find a box, which you never have the right size so you have to find packing materials, and it’s just a bitch, so i had them cross ship me the product. They placed a hold on my credit card for the amount, they shipped it out, i got it, shipped mine back, and they removed the hold. Simple as that. Not sure why you had so much trouble.

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