My eyes hurt

So P is well. The investigation confirmed their suspicions so the course of action continues. She was great at the hospital. No problems before or after the GA.

I said a couple of days ago that Linksys said to uninstall their software to make their product work? Well even Windows can’t get it to work consistently. Checking out reviews from various buyer sites shows the dropping of a connection to be not that unknown. So I rang and jumped through their “on the computer in front of me and I must useflow chart” hoops guy. He wasn’t tooo bad and in the end he said to scan the receipt and send some other details when they email me. Small problem – I’ll lost the receipt. That’s really annoying because it has the whole system on it – I am still looking. I will have put it in a Very Important Place. Just what was important on that day in July is beyond me. Anyway… they have a 3yr hardware warranty and the card was introduced in 2003 – v1 that is. I have v4, and a serial number and a MAC number. So I can prove – or they can if they look – that the card is less than 3yrs old. I know they want to know it’s mine originally but I’ll hopefully talk them round. Or buy a Netgear one if I can’t.

And all week because the builder was here I’ve had to get up early. You know when you are so tired you feel sick and your eyes hurt? That’s me that is. All day my eyes have stung. Even coffee had no effect. I was that tired that when I did the shopping I didn’t care that people got in my way because it gave me a chance to stop and close my eyes. I need a lie-in. The builder left his workmate-type bench here. I have no use for it but I’m waiting to see how long he takes to remember where it is. He’d charged us for ‘x’ amount of boards for the roofspace. Big 8ft by 3ft tongue/groove that are green (might mean something) and after he’d gone I happened to go past the skip. Propped up against it were 2 boards. I have no idea what I’ll use them for but they are now in the garage. Can’t be doing with any “Pop round that house you’ll find two” nonsense if it were to happen. He also quoted us £2300 to do the next ‘stage’ so the beams get covered, wall gets plastered etc. That’s a bit steep seeing as he started at £1500. So a quote hunt is on. He was a nice guy but cash is cash.

3 thoughts on “My eyes hurt

  1. How would you like me to send you a wee package… :-)

    I have a spare, brand new, unused (but opened box) one of these

    It’s yours if you want it, even as a spare. Comes with a usb wireless network adapter too, but I can get a wireless pcmcia card if you want it.

    They’re not web based interfaces, we connect in to them using telnet, but it’s pretty simple to use I can’t see you have any problems.

    We use them at work, hand them out to all of the sales folk, bosses etc (don’t work for the NHS anymore, long story, work for a rather large brewery) and they are very reliable.

    If you want one, let me know by e-mail where you want it sent and I’ll sort it on Monday for you :-)

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