Breaking copyright

According to the information at I am not allowed to publish this news about 3 teams from cities I have lived in:

30 September 2006 15:00
Everton vs Manchester City Goodison Park
Manchester United vs Newcastle United (P) Old Trafford


No part of the Fixtures Lists may be reproduced stored or transmitted in any form without the prior permission of Football DataCo Limited.

So lads, no talking down the pub then.

What a STUPID copyright notice.

Dear Football DataCo Limited – Sue me.

2 thoughts on “Breaking copyright

  1. I haven’t the foggiest what the quote is about, but if they do sue you, I’ll happily post it myself. Sounds like the daftest thing ever (except maybe the fact that we can’t actually post pictures of the Atomium building in Brussels because it’s copyrighted – a public building and landmark!) These lawyers (I suppose it was them) don’t known what to come up with next.

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