Jammed in Tesco

Thank you to everyone for the good words yesterday :) I’d say that we had gone out and done something new and exciting but .. well.. after 20 years there’s little left :)

P is in hospital tomorrow so I’m up at 6am to head in with her. It’s fairly non-invasive but it’s still a GA so we’ll be there a while. She has to be nil-by-mouth from midnight and we don’t expect her to be in surgery until around 11am so I’ll be nbm too. She’s under for about 45 minutes though so I reckon I can squeeze food and coffee into that gap :) My laptop won’t work from there so it’s time off work too.

An oddness. Went to a local shopping centre. I told J to call/text if needed. Walk down toward Tesco and she texts. I open and read. I walk into Tesco. I need to call – no signal. Step out of Tesco, signal. Step into Tesco, dead. And this is a big mall type Tesco, no doors. And a solid no signal. It really was quite a clear boundary. Stop staff texting? Security to stop a Great Broccolli Burglary? Odd.

7 thoughts on “Jammed in Tesco

  1. I have been voted the spokeswomen for the Albox region of Almeria in Spain. We desperately need a Tesco or Asda store here as the English ex pats are growing day by day. The local supermarket, Mercadona, is useless and apparently there is going to be a strike in the next week, by the local Spanish peaople, as the prices are going ‘sky high’. Can you help us please. Can we have a Tesco’s here in Albox and can we have it ASAP. For me personally I go into the city of Almeria at least an hour and a half away as the super market there is much cheaper and the variety far bigger. i go once amonth and do a ‘Big Shop’. PLEAE HELP.!!!!!! Regards Tina Turpie.

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