What I did today

Meant to use these things to diary stuff….sometimes.
So… attic conversion for ‘storage’ continues. Not our house but we need the space. And as ‘storage’ it’s cheap. And it saves bothering the council. And I really shouldn’t blog that. Bah.
The butterfly picture alone with a load more taken on a really long walk while the carpets were cleaned. That was after the TV guy came round and quote £366 for a new aerial and amp/booster to power 6 TV’s (not that we will use 6, but we have 5 that need a good signal). 2 more quotes will be got.
Really busy online so I got nothing done that I wanted to do today but I’ll hopefully make up for lost time tomorrow.
Did I mention I’ve restarted my blogger blog?
I found a use for podz.eu but I actually don’t know what to do with it. A google for ‘podz’ finds me at #1 but some commercial companies underneath. Not that I bought it to sell it but I’m stuck for what to do… here is here, planetpodz will be a ‘work’ site, freshlypressed is where it is, .net sits and does what it does, shimmer looks quiet and is far from it so what to do I have not the slightest clue. I actually wanted a big picture of an eye with a reflection but didn’t have the time to open PSPro and get frustrated.

Didn’t get to bed until ~2am last night after intending to finish early and watch Sleepers yet again. Can’t watch that on a monitor. It needs a slightly darkened room, perfect peace, no disturbances. Great film. But it’s tonight. It’s 11pm and it’s 2 hours long. I can still go bed early if I watch it. Which I’m going to do right now.

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