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I’m taking more and although it’s not as many as some, it’s growing quite fast. So I need to get a grip on it. I want them more organised and here is what I think so far:
Get on one of these photo albums
Before I do anything with that, organise my photos into folders by date.
Then using the software go through and categorise/tag/whatever so I then have a date-based set and also another based on how I sorted them. That seems to me to be the best way to do it. Is it?

I dislike things like picasa – and probably others – which just search the HD and then display. For backup purposes that is a mess. I want to know it’s all in one folder.

I’ve got a lot of much older images (on photocd) which I could bring in if I get the organisation right. If you’ve cracked this sorting, does my way sound okay? I’m sure it’s not far off but learning from your mistakes is cool by me :)

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  1. I’m trying to figure this out myself. I’ve got thousands of photos, a lot of them genealogical scans, and I’m preparing to convert thousands more from negatives.

    I keep one set on disk, and then I also try to keep a copy on a CD, and then another copy on a hard drive, because many of those photos belong to the whole family and I can’t risk losing them.

    I sort with keywords, more than anything. I tried folders, but it became too cumbersome and I couldn’t find what I needed.

    Other than that, I’ll be interested in seeing how you decided to organize yours.

  2. Somewhere, sorry I don’t remember where, I got Adobe Photoshop Starter Edition Album 3.0 (Free) and I like it. (it may have come with Photoshop Elements trial)

    I stores all the photos in a easy to manipulate folder and sorted by date. I just copy the folder to a flash drive to backup.

    You may look into it.

  3. I have ACDSee Pro 8. I used it to rename all of my photos (around 8800) to the EXIF date and time. Then I created folders by year, and each of those has 12 folders by month.

    Then I use the category system to tag the photos. I’ve been struggling for some time on how to manage all of my digital photo library, and this is the best way I’ve found.

    I’ve tried Picasa, and a host of other photo handling packages, and although ACDSee isn’t ideal (bad GUI), it has most of the tools I need.

  4. That sounds a good way to go Craig.. I’ve around 5000 that I need to do and I add almost daily in some way so that’s why I preferred the Date as primary sorting.
    And ACDSee gets good rankings at Amazon too – and at a price that will not break my bank too……

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