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I read some posts actually at Gordon’s blog instead of in FeedDemon. I was unaware of the protection that my feed reader afforded until now. I am in the early stages of a cold and I blame Gordon :) . He passed it to me. So I sit here feeling like some crap and knowing that the next two days at least will be horrible.
It’s at this point that working from home becomes not so hot – I can hardly ring in sick can I?

I updated – and then unupdated – to the latest alpha of Thunderbird. Plugins I use didn’t work and I really dislike the default theme (the new mail notification per folder isn’t good imo) but they have somethings I did like. Unfortunately it’s very much a Web 2.0 thing – tags. Instead of labels, I can tag my email. It’s colours again but this time you can add more which is neat. Very neat. More labels (tags). There is a limitation of colours of course. What is a shame is the lack of ability to background colour these labels. It’s all very well having the blues and greens but it’s small type on a white bg – it doesn’t stand out a lot. I’ve yet to find a fix but the ability to set the background in the summary pane would – for me – be more useful than colouring the text itself. I know I can filter to label but that takes more clicks and Web 2.0 is all about ‘less is more’ isn’t it? So colouring label backgrounds – I’d be amazed if no-one has asked before and even more amazed that there is no plugin for that. usercontent.css is not a friendly place, esp with the constant exit/reopen. They have some funky Saved Search folders going on – which gave me an idea for my email habits (I remain appallingly bad at my own email. If I was me sending me mail I’d be disgusted.). So, that was a mini-review :)

I’ve literally while writing this come across another site. You’ll have to link it because I’m not: http://.premon itionweb . com. They want £6 a year for you to “register your dreams” and for that you get to update your dreams up to 6 times a year! Woooooooo. What complete bollocks. Which dillweeds are going to fall for this heap of crap? This is funny – his “Private Policy”:

Records will be held electronically, only accessible by the administrator Mr B.C.Bamber

Okay… even though reading the site it’s pretty obvious that it’s a one man op. He may as well call himself CEO.

Any paper copies shall be kept in a locked filing cabinet

So Mr Bamber will make paper copies, and then he will lock them away. In a filing cabinet. (I’m sitting here laughing an image of this guy patting the cabinet “Your sssssecretsss are sssafe”). But why is he making copies? Because he just bought a shiny new filing cabinet?

Any request to receive a copy of held records will also be complied with within 28 days

What? They wrote them you idiot. Or have you added some juicy morsels for your … entertainment?

Good grief – he’s even selling the dreams. And when you go to submit a dream he even gets you to choose just what sort of dream it was. Studying that list it is obvious he is aiming for the more mature person – there is no category of “Wet”. And do people really PDF their dreams? (Maybe in that ‘missing’ category they would laminate them :) There’s a PDF download. I just cannot bring myself to get it.
The scary thing is that someone somewhere will pay their cash. I’ll bet a packet that he never has to buy another filing cabinet.

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