Tired. Really tired.

I have no idea why I didn’t think of this before but I realised I could watch films at the same time as working. I’ve some jiggling with window sizes to do but sitting here watching Uma in Kill Bill (here in Mario Style) is well worth re-adjustments. It’s CyberLink DVD right now – I’ll be needing to hunt down some alternate reviews.

Went to the hospital today for the pre-assessment op for P. It’s a week Friday and a general anaesthetic. Not great for a 12 year old. It’s going to be all day what with recovery and such. But she’s good to go though which means the reason behind it will be sorted.

New Netgear hardware. And it’s a BT problem. Has to be. Nice to be able to get a VAT receipt though. And the blue led’s on it are cool.

Installing Kaz again. Now I’ve a proper keyboard all the spacings will be better than on a laptop so hopefully I’ll stick with it longer and lose some of the finger pain which has returned. Bad technique coupled with long hours.

Uma is off. Leon is on. Superb, brilliant, wonderful – this film cannot be over-praised. Need to get this dvd region rubbish sorted. Talk like a Pirate day it was yesterday. That plants an idea :)

I need to set hours.

One thought on “Tired. Really tired.

  1. In the past while doing long hours of comparing software source trees patches, I have watched some movies. It was mostly listening to the audio, and watching the parts that sounded good. I could only enjoy the brainless movies or ones I had already watched multiple times.

    Too much violent movies aren’t good for the psychie ;-)

    Good luck with the touch typing and your net access.

    My thoughs are with P.

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