Just one more track

Some advice: when you are at the gym and you really do not want to be on a machine any more, do not decide to listen to “Just two more tracks” on your mp3 as a motivator/endpoint. Unless you are listening to 60’s music. I was listening to a trance remix album. Bad idea. I’m going back to “1 more minute” “250 more metres” or “screw it I’m knackered”.
Ever mirrored anyone? When they fold their arms you do too. However they stand you mimic? It’s a good technique for spooking someone but it drives me nuts. the guy on the rower next to me kept getting in sync with me – almost definitely unknowingly. It really does get to me so I change stroke pattern – and then we sync again. And I know I should look away, look in the mirrors, find someone on the machines to concentrate on but I can’t. I have to keep looking, checking. I’ve been trying to row with my eyes shut. Stable machine, I’ve never fallen off, I’m completely comfortable on it yet it I can’t do more than a few strokes before it starts to make me feel ill. Must be like the seeing of the horizon when on a boat – I need to see the machines.
If I stopped eating garbage I might lose weight too. Though that isn’t the point of going. It’s me time, thinking time, space, music time, get rid of that energy that gets stored in your muscles and which makes you restless because it has no outlet. The fact I might grow an extra muscle fibre or get a smidge healthier is a bonus I suppose. When I was last there I wieghed exactly the same as I do now. Seems I have a weight at which my body is comfortable. I’m cool with that.

5 thoughts on “Just one more track

  1. You don’t go to the gym in Loughborough do you? Because I also find it difficult not mirroring the person next to me on the rower, it’s really off-putting.
    Oh and the weight thing’s true for me to, it might just be the crap I eat.

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