PC World – Muppets (again)

In PC World I said I wanted a modem.
The girl took me to a shelf with some modems on and picked one up.
I asked what it’s specs were and what speeds it would do.
She went, she returned.
“The technician says it will go as fast as your computer wants it to”.

PC World?
Muppet City.

7 thoughts on “PC World – Muppets (again)

  1. Maybe you should read the box yourself and stop being such a retard. The spec for any peripheral sold for the Pc is on every box. Computing is a huge market and there are thousands of products with thousands of different specs. There is no way that Pc World can train every memeber of staff to know every single product spec. Maybe you should cut the woman some slack, do some research yourself and if you are too stupid stupid to do that then you should not own a Pc.

  2. Get the point? If you know exactly what the funk you need before you come in and in fact know the answer to the question you are asking why bother? Are you really that sad that you have to spend your spare time testing people on their pc knowledge? They’re normal people doing their jobs you small minded pedantic petty gits. They’re paid less than mcdonalds staff who are just about trained to flip a burger, you’re ready to throw out insults and derogatory statements without ever realising that the time you spent testing some young woman on her peripheral knowledge essentially is time that you could have been doing research on your product and saving me the trouble of writing this spiel about how much of a childish little man you must be.
    See you at car park island.

  3. PC World sell themselves as “having a clue”.
    The girl did the right thing and went to ask.
    The “technician” said something that was untrue and would have resulted in a bad sale.

    I would assume a “technician” would have a clue.

    He did not therefore he is a muppet.

    And why are you living on car park island? Is it nice there?

  4. I don’t live there but I do spend a lot of time there, whiling away the hours parallel parking, reversing into tight corners and getting very close to the kerb.
    Plus your first mistake is to assume anything. I mean, I assume you’re slightly pedantic and anal retentive. What do you make of my assumptions?
    If a computer has a problem in terms of communicating with a router then it will go as fast as the computer allows, its not untrue just very unhelpful.

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