Schumacher. Go. Please.

I really do hope that Schumacher does announce his retirement today. Then we can all be glad that when the FIA has screwed around and found every way possible to award everything to him and Ferrari then next year we might actually have a decent show.
This latest incident is indicative of just how much the FIA take it from Ferarri and then bend to the will of that Italian outfit. Every team that Schumacher has been in since Jordan has cheated – from the hidden launch controls to complaining about any other mod on any other car to knocking people off the track there are more and more events from the past, even wikipedia has a line or two about his tactics – so it really has to be in F1’s best interests for Svumacher to get out of a car and stay out of the car. Right now because of Ferrari and the slavish way the FIA want to let them win it all again and will make it so where humanly possible it’s a damn boring spectacle.

Alonso, who leads Schumacher by 12 points in the standings, said: “I am a sportsman, I love sport, I love the fans. I don’t consider Formula One anymore like a sport.”

Can’t argue with that.

After the race….

Michael Schumacher’s chances of retiring as an eight-time World Champion look better than ever after his commanding win from Ferrari successor Kimi Raikkonen at Sunday’s Italian GP.

Get real – the FIA will do everything they possibly can to give him the damn trophy. Which means cheating.

3 thoughts on “Schumacher. Go. Please.

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  2. I’m glad he’s going. He’s lied and cheated his way through F1 and Bernie Ecclestone and his cronies just can’t do enough to help him and Ferrari! If Schucrapper had been punished for all this offences (such as trying to run Hill etc off track), then I don’t think he’d have quite as many World Championships as he has done. Something that always got me was the fact that he won a British GP sat in the pitlane! Mind boggling!

    Maybe F1 will be a farer game next season.

  3. conspiracy theory mate? i cant believe for a moment than a single person is bigger than a organisation. Shummi is a living sports legend. only federer and woods are comparable to what he has done for his sports. so i disagree that he needed help in his last year of F1 to achieve Legendary status. when he goes …. it’ll be just like when jordan or Ali… NBA and boxing will never be the same again.

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