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Jacq is actually blogging. On WordPress. For the first time ever. Only criticism so far is that the blues in the admin bar make it hard to see what is there. Although the highlighted part may have a lighter background it means clicking to see what you don’t want. She should be okay now though as she has remembered where she needs to click.
J is providing the initial content for the village website we hope to launch soon. ‘Launch’ will actually be making a post from the main blog as there should be several wp installs in the end. If it takes off in the manner which we have planned. I took a few dozen pictures of the village castle earlier whch are sitting in a ZenPhoto gallery and it’s my job to make the site look as J wants it to. She’s not been exposed to all this “Web 2.0” stuff but she has seen loads of village sites while looking into how we should do ours. Her vision problems also mean that we won’t be going to small characters and funky colours and patterns. Sensible design. If you take vision into account it’s amazing just how many themes were eliminated. It’s not set.. we’lll see what happens. But for J to even be blogging is cool :)

2 thoughts on “J blogs!

  1. I’m happy to hear you got another blogger in your hands [she said with a chuckle]. It’s going to be interesting for you to watch J develop her blogging skills first and then, oh no! develop opinions on blog design too. But what actually prompted me to comment was that J has vision problems like I do. Suffice to say that if all designers each took some visually challenged people under their wings, then contrasting colours and reasonable font sizes as well as “white space” (uncovered background space) would dictate a different “style” for blog themes. I would just love to be asked to be a blog designer’s guinea pig.;) All my best to J and to you.

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