James Frey. Liar.

I read a book called A Million Little Pieces when it appeared in paperback and was moved by it. Certain phrases and situations resonated with me and the time in my life was significant too. I’ll have blogged how good it was somewhere. But then James Frey was exposed as a Liar after an investigation which I read about on TheSmokingGun. I blogged this at the time:

The Smoking Gun discover that James Frey made it all up.
That guy is a complete bastard for lying then and now.

And he still is.

So much so that people in the US can claim a refund for the book. It states “neither Frey nor the publisher have admitted any wrongdoing.” which is of course complete bollocks – why else refund people? Why give them their money back unless a deception has been caused? The thing is as well that his publisher seems to be standing with him – like they knew and accepted the lies before they let the book out the first time.

It also says:

To receive refunds — $23.95 for the hardcover, $14.95 for paperback — consumers will have to submit a receipt or some other proof of purchase: for the hardcover, page 163; for the paperback, the front cover.

What’s with page 163? The front cover would be easier to remove if it had the face of James ‘Liar’ Frey on it.

It’s either a memoir with acceptable filling where memory has lapsed, or it’s an outright and deceitful lie.

In the book Frey describes having root canal work without anaesthetic because he felt he should experience the pain because of what he had done to others. I suggest that happens again.

2 thoughts on “James Frey. Liar.

  1. So what if he made up a lot of the incidents. It made good and accurate reading and he must have some experience of drug addiction and jail as his description of certain feelings etc were fairly accurate. Only in the U S A would people demand and get their money back.

    Leave the Liar alone.

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