Get to yer shed

Right now I’m sitting downstairs at the end of the kitchen looking out onto the garden. Not that I can see much at 22:30. But in a few weeks I shall reside upstairs in what J is calling ‘my office’ – it’s actually just an excuse for her to get rid of me :) Years ago she used to ring me at work nearly every shift. It wasn’ love so much as she liked talking to me on the phone – I have no idea why but she did. And ringing me wasn’t a problem – I was the boss there. But here … J makes good decisions. So.. the guy has given us a decent quote to convert the roofspace. Once that is done the girls can decide who gets that as a bedroom and I get what is curently P’s bedroom – only she doesn’t like it. Be neat being up there though – louder music, no distractions though it’ll be weird too. I await J wanting a phone installed so she can call me – which isn’t so daft actually given her lack of mobility. So that’s a plan for the near future. Best of all is the guy will accept payments as he goes so we don’t have to stump it all up at once.

The title phrase? It’s J’s way of telling me to get out of the way :)

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