Blackberry scratches

No, not the gorgeous little shiny gadget that I covet but those fruity beads on the end of spiny vines. P and me went blackberry picking earlier – she got the easy stuff I got the higher stuff – hence the multitude of scratches. Tomorrow she’s making Blackberry and Apple pie :)

Both rowing machines were being used to the gym today. Threw me completely. Onto x-trainer – 20 minutes later they were still rowing. Did a few weights – still rowing. Did some more weights – and one stopped. So I got some of my fix that I was after. But I’d forgotten the regular bottle I use, and the towel and the gloves. So it all felt wrong. If I get time to go tomorrow I’ll see if I can get it all correct.

P was telling me earlier about school meals. Apparently they have a short break around 11am and the school sell small food items. Which is fair enough. But they sell toast. One small slice of buttered toast costs 21p. That’s extortion! 21p for a single slice of slightly charred bread? The maths for the profit margin are amazing. And they say they have no money…… so they charge for toast? Actually, you know if they did that in the NHS and made every member of staff pay 21p for each slice they ate the NHS deficit would be wiped out. I used to eat loads. They thought I was weird though because I proclaimed that thick sliced bread, toasted then left to go cold was the very best toast. White bread too. Brown bread is good at all other times but quality toast has a white slice at it’s foundation. Butter is essential too. None of that grey-but-coloured-yellow sandwich grease – just proper butter. Quantity – minimum of 4 slices I reckon. Triangles or rectangles is not an issue that rattles my box – if someone else has prepared it correctly I’m grateful with either shape. Myself – I don’t have a preference if I slice. Grill or toaster? I have to say Toaster simply because otherwise I forget. That said, NHS toasters in my experience had no popup so you had to remember to grab it. The number of false fire alarms may have persuaded management differently over time. But 21p? Pah.

One thought on “Blackberry scratches

  1. The money converter says that’s about 39 cents in the U.S., which doesn’t sound too bad, actually, but the schools don’t sell toast here. Our school sells tiny burritoes for $3.50. A 12-ounce bottle of water is $1.75. A cookie goes for $1.50. Anything sold at school is awfully high.

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