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23:21 Mon 4 Sep 2006

The boss is me

Filed under: Work — 23:21 Mon 4 Sep 06

So after a lot of advice and a lot of hoop-jumping following that advice I rang the Tax Office today and formally changed my tax status. So now I get to see just what being one’s own boss really is all about. First thing to do is figure out this signing up for VAT thing – but I get a free half-day course and no doubt a pile of paperwork to wade through. Luckily J is on hand for all that figuring out stuff :)
Ian posted a cartoon link the other day which made me laugh.

And I just realised I have no new music for the gym tomorrow so I’d better find some…..


  1. I know this is based on Irish Tax law, so is probably not worth anything, but certainly over here, unless you are turning over above about 30k a year, VAT registering is more hassle than it’s worth… maybe something to bear in mind.

    Comment by AJ — 12:49 Tue 5 Sep 2006 @ 12:49 Tue 5 Sep 06

  2. That would sem to be the case here – I hit no ceiling so I’ll not be bothering. As of today it actually doesn’t matter but one hopeful income source could lift me….

    Comment by Mark — 14:44 Tue 5 Sep 2006 @ 14:44 Tue 5 Sep 06

  3. AFAIK once you’re over €50K it’s compulsory to VAT register…another useless tip :)

    Comment by dino — 20:42 Tue 5 Sep 2006 @ 20:42 Tue 5 Sep 06

  4. Registering for VAT isn’t all that hard and while it does mean you have to do a VAT return every 2 months I think you’re well up to the task! It’s a nice feeling getting a refund payment from Revenue each time because we’re paid by an American company that don’t pay VAT :)

    Comment by Donncha O Caoimh — 10:54 Sat 9 Sep 2006 @ 10:54 Sat 9 Sep 06

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