New Swatch

My existing Swatch Skin has no problems both in working and appearance but it’s a slightly brushed metal face with metal hands – and that can prove difficult to see both in the day and at night. Annoying at times.

This Swatch Pure Black looks like it’ll do the job. Still thin and light but with less added squint from me. The material strap I may well not like – I hate straps that feel sticky like leather/plastic can – but that is easily sorted.

Swatch Skin – superb watches. None of the big clunky stuff with lots of buttons, dials, bezels and whatever else they can jam into that little space. It’s a watch, it tells the time and that’s all I want it to do.

Does a big watch indicate an inadequacy (real or imagined) elsewhere? Discuss :)

6 thoughts on “New Swatch

  1. I’ve got a huge watch but I’m very comfortable in the third leg department :) I just go mad for gadgets and functionality and am a bit obessed by time. I couldn’t stand squinting at a litte bitty thing and I can be quite destructive so watches have to stand up to it.

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