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22:38 Thu 31 Aug 2006

The anger rumbles on

Filed under: Family Life — 22:38 Thu 31 Aug 06

I had hoped that my anger at the holiday company would subside some when we got back – it has shown little sign of it. J is scribing the letter to them. They accept email complaints which has a huge great bonus for me – it’s easily bloggable. So once the complaint is sent, and once they refuse to do what we ask and we take them to the Small Claims Court (hopefully) and win (hopefully) I can do a mass libel of as many as I know in the company (this will happen either way). In the meantime I am collecting the addresses of the helpful sites that publish holiday reviews. They’ll get the post too. Usenet can have it. Anyone can have it. The Company Directors will get it. And when the company refuse to pay – which I’m sure they will – we will force them. Win or lose I’ll say my bit – I’m just being a tiny bit more careful right now because … well, it makes sense. I cannot remember being so very very angry at a company before though. Normally J gets the desire to see people burn for making mistakes and I’m the one telling her to relax a bit. This time she wants them to burn and I’m stoking those fires good and high…..

Goal for the end of Friday – actually catch up on work.

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