I was looking for a book to read in the hotel shop. I picked one up to find a recommendation from Kate Moss that the book was a “riveting read”. Quite how a publisher thought that a quote from the girl who thinks shooting up with Pete “I’m a doe-eyed idiot who needs my head slamming against a wall” Doherty is worthy of note is entirely beyond me. I can honestly say that I put that book down and would never touch it again. Mind, in Borders today I caught sight of a book that was being recommended by Katie Price. Maybe it’s part of a “Blonde and can read” campaign…

3 thoughts on “S(h)allow

  1. Sallow – the model
    Shallow – the model again

    And me vague? I was told this the other day – “have never commented since it is too reminiscent of Jeremy Clarkson type argument which is always difficult to deal with”.
    I’d never accuse JC of being vague :)

    And thanks :)

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