Wake with a blinding headache mitigated only slightly by the news that girls might be able to take their Nintendo DS’s on the plane. Then I ring Acer because the laptop needs to go be mended and being away for 2 weeks is the ideal time. I rand at 12:15 to hear a short recorded message that they are ‘Closed for Lunch’. Now how quaint is that? And how weird that a company that sells products for a switched-on world switches itself off for 60 minutes in the working day.
J has – we hope – sorted a wheelchair for the airports and that also means we get to be at the front of the queue to be boarded (but maybe the last at the other end?). I’m not entirely trusting the result she’s got though, esp at the other end but we have no choice but to wait and see.
Next to the bank to get some funny euro money. And hopefully it stays funny money for many many years to come. No more of that Euro-governed nonsense over here thankyouverymuch.

And I can’t wait til we get back already – there’s a little job I’ve found which really does need doing, I’m sure I can do it and it may bear some fruit too ;)

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