Losing magnetism

Acer are taking the laptop and according to the guy they may replace the motherboard and the HD. Not a problem, it’s all backed up. On the way to Comet where the machine will be taken care of I realised that Firefox has some important data so I fired it up, cleared cookies, cleared saved data and reset the home page to the BBC. After shutting down I remembered Thunderbird so I then removed all the email accounts. Now I know all the data is really still there but for the casaul Comet employee who may decide to play it’s pretty well hidden. Then I got to wondering about the HD. Let’s say Acer decide to junk mine and use a new one (which I doubt – it’s only the MBR hangover from when I tried Ubuntu but they may as well fix it) I wonder what their policy is for old HD’s? The BBC have an article today about old bank details and HD’s so it made me wonder a bit. Not that I have anything super-important and maybe they do have a “We take a sledgehammer to your data, then we drop it in acid, then run it through powerful solenoids and lastly encase it in concrete and drop it into the North Sea.” which would be nice but somehow I doubt. Still, so long as it’s fixed.

(I think that is the first time I have written ‘solenoid’ since finishing A level Physics..)

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