Overhead lockers

Why has no-one trumpeted the big bonus of no carry-on luggage? No more idiots trying to squeeze huge bags into small spaces. No waiting for ages in the aisle as someone decides they want something from their bag and when their partner gets it they say “No.. the other one!”, no more draining waits after landing as the bags are got, dropped, and strapped to shoulders then bounced on the still sitting heads. Isn’t this a Good Thing? Add in the fact that there will be no crinkly sweet wrappers, no people singing along “silently” to their ipods … the bonuses far far outweigh any sort of inconvenience for me. In fact it has the potential to be a pleasure flying this time :)

4 thoughts on “Overhead lockers

  1. That’s sheer nirvana you’re describing there.

    Course as a business traveller the joy of sweeping out of the airport not having to wait for bags coming off the conveyor have long gone and there’s no way in a cold hell I’m putting my laptop in the hold unless it’s wrapped in a duvet and packed in a suitcase.

    But apart from that it’s cool :)

    I just keep sniggering at the hell that Ryanair will be experiencing now … karma … sweet sweet karma :D

  2. You’re just back from two long flights to the US imagine them without even a book. I can see where you’re coming from though do people really need to bring their suitcase on board? My carry on consists of my DS, iRiver and a book/magazine in a bag which I keep at my feet so I don’t hold anyone up getting on or off and so I don’t need to root it out during the flight. Some people are just morons that is the problem.

    Also Ryanair experiencing hell? They now are able to force people to check in baggage and charge for it also you can’t bring food on so they can sell you that on the plane. They may be a little put out now but if these measures stay in place they will be laughing.

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