1am typing

It’s 01:11 as I start this and yet again I find myself in the wrong timezone. Not that it matters hugely, but I;ll be tired Tuesday when I have to get up so early to leave for the plane. Did I say my trainers were x-rayed twice in when boarding the flight back to the UK? I didn’t bleep going through the detector but I knew that one of the guys had his eye on m. I heard the word ‘tattoos’ and was then asked to take off the trainers I have just put back on after they had been examined in the scanner. Not that anything came of it of course. “Tattoos” “Bad guy” – that obviously makes perfect sense. Silly me for thinking they were clueless idiots. Not as bad as the dicks in Immigration though. Now they were dicks. I thought their eyebrows would have jutted out further though…
And onto a plane we go Tuesday. Am I bothered? Why on earth should anyone on a plane not bound for the USA be bothered? If an American is not involved then GWB and his little coterie of hawks don’t give a damn. So no, I don’t care. And even if I did, even if there is someone plotting to down that plane what am I meant to do? Not go out? Whatever.

I’m more bothered about being away from a keyboard for 2 weeks :) I never trust computers abroad for anything more than IRC so there is no blogging, no email, no support – nothing. This is a holiday from all things kb. I wait to see if I get any reaction to wearing the Wordcamp t-shirt though. That would be neat.

I must remember to go a Google Earth map of all the places I went to in SF – from the Burmese arounnd the corner to Alcatraz. It’ll be interesting to do and to put with my photos.

Has the price of drinks gone up on planes? Or can’t they carry their own drinks? Do they frisk for Mentos?

I just noticed that comment#83 on the What makes you happy? post (top right) has the name Noel Edmunds in it. He’s an odd little man. Saw him once at some Mr Blobby thing we took D to when she was really small. His beard is too trim for me. I bet he spends hours grooming himself, aligning those little whiskers, tinting them carefully to match whatever vision he has of himself. Like I said, Odd. And those jumpers. And that tv show with the boxes? wtf is that all about then eh?

Bookmark this: http://www.asofterworld.com

An amazing suspension photograph (NSFW)

Play: Arrow Tag (did I blog this before?)

Bryan is asking for opinions on the Write screen which will be getting some attention. Given that unless you ask you’ll never get, go post. Be positive!

And autosave is now in WordPress core (svn core that is). The little letters just under this box tell me it’s been saved at 1:45:29 – I’m sure I said autosave was a bad thing when it was proposed ages ago on hackers and I have no idea why I said it. It’s unobtrusive though, it’ll no doubt save the odd post. And this sort of thing illustrates perfectly why someone like me should not do any sort of code stuff. Fickle. You want to know who should do code? Nerds :)

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