Camping on Words Part 2

So the inane chattering was – according to Donncha – pretty good. I think it was less.

I just deleted 3 paragraphs… this stuff here is surreal.

Flickr photostream – I am in there ….

I’m going to retreat to support :)

— Okay, done that :)

I met mdawaffe !!

Talking to a guy (Hi Bill!) I have done blog work for about FreshlyPressed and what we offer bloggers who need help. A woman in the queue in front of Bill: “Do you have a card?” Me: “No, I’m english”. I’m not sure she got quite what I meant…..

I am really really bored.

The SEO one … zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tedium on stage.

7 thoughts on “Camping on Words Part 2

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  3. I guess that was me. “Got a card? No, I’m English”


    Mark sold me on FreshlyPressed.

    He’s in trouble, cause the more he recovers from his trip, the more I’ve dithered about which theme I want to use when I upgrade. Today it’s widgetized 3 col K2

    Who knows what tomorrow will bring!


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