Will rise here probably as part of a little experiment I’ve volunteered for so I fully expect some gratuitous ads to creep in where before there were none. But hey, it’s only spam. “Sticks and stones..” My Delete finger will be well exercised.

Saw a reference to Orkut earlier and wandered over. Now they really do need to get a grip – loads of spam links, loads of warez links, communities swamped with spam. I created the Ferrets community a long time ago and I didn’t realise that creators could now delete spam and ban the spammers. So some idiot called Marco is now duly banned. Not that such an action breathes life into it – Orkut looks very dusty indeed. Found a great profile quote – “about me: I’m a fucking Princess” but maybe that site served it’s purpose in grabbing all the personal information they wanted.

24 hours and I’ll be on a plane. It still seems surreal. And I feel really guilty that J and the girls aren’t coming along. A consequence of how we decided we would raise them coupled with life events has meant that we always do things as a family. If we go, they come along too. And yet I’m going and they are not. Which is okay by them and also by me but it feels very odd. As they get even older – D has already been away with a friend for a week and she went away last year too – then it’s going to happen that they leave us but this is me leaving them to go to somewhere new. That probably makes absolutely no sense.

Tomorrow support will be a bit slower with the times at airports being when I can get email – so long as I can find a plug. So there will be two bursts of activity rather than a continual presence. Hopefully no-one will mind too much…

4 thoughts on “Spam

  1. I’ve not visited Orkut in years.

    Hope you have a wonderful time, and if it’s any consolation I still feel a bit odd when I go away on business and my wife isn’t with me. I find it hard to sleep when she’s not in the bed with me. So yes, it does make some sense.

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